"Black is the essence of which all colors derived"

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Precious Brown.
*21 years old, live in Toronto.
I promote unity in my community. I love Black fashion, art, history, food, and culture. I Love to cook, draw, sing, dance, EAT, fashion, and play sports (i.e soccer and track)

Miss Black Beauty Canada 2012 - 3rd Runner-Up


Instagram: @PreciousBB
Coloured or b&w?? (Taken with Instagram)

Coloured or b&w?? (Taken with Instagram)

Posted: Thu June 7th, 2012 at 8:04pm
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  1. noapologiesaccepted said: B & W is always classic but I like the colored one because the gold tones in the picture stand out.
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    This is gucci.
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