"Black is the essence of which all colors derived"

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Precious Brown.
*21 years old, living in Toronto.
I promote unity in my community. I love Black fashion, art, history, food, and culture. I am an entreprenuer with passions in the culinary, fitness & health, fashion, model, talent, and acting industry! Follow along!

Miss Black Beauty Canada 2012 - 3rd Runner-Up

www.modelmayhem.com/AzizaBB / www.facebook.com/AzizaEntrepreneurBrown
Instagram: @PreciousBB

Def at tbt…todays weather is ☔☁

I almost forgot it was Monday!! #MCM #MCE ❤😗😘😍❤


Wonderland rides don’t phase me.. I almost fell asleep!

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My bro climbs the dinasour at Wonderland! #bruh

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BTS shoot with @ty.ish yesterday!

Photoshoot today! I can’t wait for the final images!!


Im just sippin my tea, Kermit style.

I caught the swine flu tonight… #pigtails

…see what I did there.. 😏😏😏😎




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Afro Punk 2014 ~ by elijahd0m • www.elijahd0m.com

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AFROPUNK shot by Ibra Ake.

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File under: Bow ties, Cardigans, Denim, Watches

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Read each story here:http://vogue.cm/XSNWEq

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Cinematography and edit: Tao Farren-Hefer
Stills and concept: Kent Andreasen
Styling and concept: Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Hair and Make-up: Emma Launder
Model: Giannina Antonette

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