"Black is the essence of which all colors derived"

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Precious Brown.
*21 years old, live in Toronto.
I promote unity in my community. I love Black fashion, art, history, food, and culture. I Love to cook, draw, sing, dance, EAT, fashion, and play sports (i.e soccer and track)

Miss Black Beauty Canada 2012 - 3rd Runner-Up


Instagram: @PreciousBB

Just wrapped up on set with some of the “fans” from today’s shoot!!

Theme: 90s … aka my everyday life…

On set!!

Theme: 90s… aka my everyday lifestyle…

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Can I be a girly-girl for once? Daamn!!

Suga Daddies for @fadumamohameds & @verschillende

I clearly don’t have any “club” dresses…same dress from wayy back when lol ✌ *asian fingers*

Photography by: KennyBEANSmooth ( @brother_b_smooth )

Unity Festival
JustJohn’s Bday
Harlem Underground

@justjohnforreal ‘s Bday pawty!! Happy Bday hunn, keep shinning and showing the world who YOU are!!

Yall go show this dope individual some love and bless with a bday wish!!


"Love is like a plant..without the proper care and nutrients, it looks dead, lifeless…

An illusion..

Life is like love, it’s eternal..

Internally I feel the love of my life waiting for eternity..

Eternity has no time. So how long will we wait?

Internally going crazy, my heart lacks the nutrients it needs…

Soon to be lifeless because I loved-less..

Lest I will wait, because eternity has no time.

But in time we wait, because love is blind, and patiently tries to find the missing pieces, the nutrients the heart needs…

The heart bleeds, drained. Empty, but love pours, fill, full. That is life.

To be loved is to be full of life…” -PB


Stylist Affair Photoshoot

Photography by: Black Tux Photography

MUA: Saira - Beauty Is Bold

Model: Aziza Brown / Precious Brown / Precious BB

Toronto, ON, Canada

(via precioushenshaw)


Photographer: @black_tux
MUA/HairStylist/Wardrobe Stylist: @welcometomyworld_xxo
BTS Footage: @maleekphotography
Model: @preciousbb


Locs & Henna :)……Instagram ladiswagg55

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Omgggggg my cousin @rugbyslifee who plays for the Canadian’s Womens Rugby Team just qualified for the Youth Olympic Games along side 11 more young women!

Games will be played in Nanjing, China!

Congrats @rugbyslifee !!! Our prayers will follow you on yoyr journey! Sorry I couldn’t save up enough to come watch you play in China!!


Yall were never ready!!!

Photography by: @playgroundprod

@ladiswagg55 , @brother_b_smooth & I are definitely stunttin on em!!

Mini Photoshoot at Cosmosoul with our beloved Tribe sis @djafroditee party a couple nights ago.

#tribetoronto @tribetoronto


I am a god!! Recognize…

Notice the lower case “g” …don’t get it twisted…we are made in HIS image.

Kayyyyy I was clearly trying to be cute…but I just looked shocked…

I’ll stick to smiling, I think thats my forte lol!



There is always a reason to smile…and this time, it’s because of you…if only you knew…


East of Eden // Eden Bristowe / by Cybele Malinowski //MUA Anna Milczarczyk