"Black is the essence of which all colors derived"

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Precious Brown.
*21 years old, live in Toronto.
I promote unity in my community. I love Black fashion, art, history, food, and culture. I Love to cook, draw, sing, dance, EAT, fashion, and play sports (i.e soccer and track)

Miss Black Beauty Canada 2012 - 3rd Runner-Up


Instagram: @PreciousBB

Fish net stockings, combat boots, black dress and a @povrich Beanie!! Can’t go wrong!

S/O to ma best friend @rickz_ doing it big with his PovRich Apparel! This beanie is dope, find more styles and other apparel at @povrich !!

90s party…we won 200$ for best dressed! @kennybsmooth @_retrofresh @_uhkeel @reycheffie

Omg it hurts to smile…my braids too tight yall!

It’ll be worth it when its wavy tho!

Street life..

Born in the hood but grew up in the city.

Photography by: @ninetysshutterbug aka @_uhkeel

I Love my city!! My bestfriend @_uhkeel

Photo creds to @_retrofresh

Hi Beautiful People! Its a Beautiful Day! I will be enjoying it from inside my work building -_____-

Photoshoot by Wayne Deniro

Precious's post on Vine

Check out Precious’s post on Vine!

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#tbt Every dance floor is a battle!! Every battle I kill it! #OuuuKillEm


Somehow I feel as though I am looking at you, even though I am looking into these camera lens…iunno just seems like you’re close to me..

Come close to me baaaaaby!

Jeeez!! Regal! @donishaprendergast RISE tun up!

Bob Marley and Rita Marley’s granddaughter!

Check out the movement she is apart of, Occupy Pinnicle. This movement is to preserve land in Jamaica in which Rastafari started. Sacred land, a free land that the “Jamaican government” is trying to destroy and take away!

Visit #occupypinnicle on Facebook for more info!



The teaaam!! @tribetoronto

My mom has the best gear from back in the day! Clothes older than me! This is my new fav hat, thanks mama!